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If you really want to know what is being said !!! 

So if you ever wanted to know word for word what is being said in any of my songs I've officially released on major platforms, here is a place for that!

I love it when people repost my lyrics whether it's because they like it or promotes thought, I appreciate that. So here's to more reposting of my song lyrics! The lyric breakdown thanks to Rap Genius also allows annotations, for more insight, or perspective on some of my lyrics.




Picture Captured by Johan Orellana check out more of his work on Instagram: @johanvorellana

Happy NEW DAY 

So 2018, I've decided I gotta deliver more tunes to the world.

Figure I should let you know what I've been doing.

Album is due this year, the date hasn't been cemented however when I do, I will let you know.

Music Video in the works right now, I'm excited for that.

Completing a few more tracks before I go back to school.

I got the album cover and name, which makes me feel more at ease.

Every new day, Celebrate that too, but Happy New Year to you and yours.

Here are some pics from my last show and also the Youtube video. Keep pushing, the world is yours.


Jah Works Radio 6/19/17 with Marinate and Ziggy Marley 

Big Ups to D-RO and Jah Works Radio for having me on their legendary program. It was recorded live this past week before I dropped the music video Crucifix for a Mic, and I shared this particular program with the Legend Ziggy Marley son of the Bob Marley who was also interviewed by D-RO. The vibes were irie, and we discussed my single Crucifix for a Mic feat. Ajani. Enjoyed doing the program and you can check that out at  and check out more of Jah Works Radio programs at


Bless Up

Crucifix For a Mic (Official Music Video) 

Big Ups to the Director Bettina Campomanes, and Co-Director Bianca Bell for the on point visuals, I know you guys are gonna enjoy this one.

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother, G-Doreen born June 22th you showed everyone the definition of hard work. Dropping the video today is somewhat full-circle for me, and I'm glad I got to dedicate this to you. Love you forever more.

Blk Man Joy  

All Love on this side. Tunes for you to bump. Be you.


Did a collab with Ajani, Josh Marks, Paul Duhe, and Sadiki Lewis. Hope you enjoy.

BHM 2017, The Project 

Blessed to have made it into a new year.

I've had a lot on my plate per usual, but I'm managing and I'm still producing more music for my project. I've been calling it a project for awhile because though it's gonna be available for free, though it will also be streaming and available for purchase on all major music platforms, and in my opinion it's not a typical mixtape effort. I've really been pouring an abundance of my energy and soul into the vibe I've been developing, and working with a lot of talented musicians to complete it. I'm proud of the fact it has much flavor worked into it, part of the reason for my artist name Marinate. No set release date yet for the project, I have the title to the project but I'm not ready to reveal that as of yet. I've pulled a lot of all nighter(s) already this year as I'm also a student very dedicated to my studies and engaging in my community, but I'm staying awake now, so I can rest well when I'm gone. I've had the honor to perform and host the Black History Month (BHM) Showcase, and Black History Month (BHM) Gala. I did some spoken word for the Gala, and performed with my band for the Showcase. I hope you enjoy the footage from which can be found here:

Talk to you more in a few. Stay Blessed.

This Photo was taken by the lovely Emma McCann. More of her work can be found here:

One way to help Revival Academy Nursery and Primary School in Calabar Nigeria 

"Revival Academy Nursery and Primary School is a vision set out to help kids who would have never been able to attend primary or elementary school have a chance to attend. Students are trained free of charge and taught basic entrepreneurial skills like sewing, hair dressing, computer appreciation, general electronic repair.

Nat King is a talented young Nigerian musician and singer who seeks to use his works to draw attention to the development of young children in the area of education and skill development. I hope you enjoy his music while supporting Revival Academy in Calabar Nigeria. Nat King also a good friend of mine, I have his EP available on my music page of this site for sale (here). What you should note is that proceeds from his EP are going to the Revival Academy Nursery and Primary School. Blessings and much love to "Revival Academy Nursery and Primary School" and Nat King.

Check out Nat King's Instagram here:


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Previous events


ISO Cultural Show

Fisher Center at Bard College, 60 Manor Ave, Annandale-On-Hudson

The International Student Organization (ISO) presents the cultural show, the biggest annual student-run, student-sponsored, and student-performed show at Bard, which includes music, dance and various other performances from around the world. Marinate is guaranteed to make an appearance with a live band for 2 acts !

Celebrating Jamaica's Independence Hosted by Culture Zone WPAT 930AM(Radio)

Royal Palace, 118-06 Atlantic Ave, Queens

Buy a Ticket before it goes up, starting at 65$, Celebrating Jamaica's Independence with Culture Zone, You have great dinner, and cash bar, with a guest speaker, performers, starring a headlining act. Guest speaker Aubrey Campbell, Headlining is "KGenius" along with an array of supporting acts including Rightup, Kerfew, Sceptor, Ethiopian and ya boy Marinate. Contact my email for tickets, 75$ at the door and 85$ after midnight. Sound supported by DJ SoundSystem Visioneers, and Dj Nat2Legit

ISO Cultural Show

Fischer Center at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson

The International Student Organization (ISO) presents the cultural show, the biggest annual student-run, student-sponsored, and student-performed show at Bard, which includes music, dance and various other performances from around the world. Marinate is guaranteed to make an appearance with a live band!


Smog 10th anniversary bash !

 —  —

SMOG, Bard College

One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is how I came up with my artist name Marinate. The answer is within this flashback, when I was doing what I do in the Kitchen, I was making pasta, which we all know takes a certain amount of skill. Anyhow my Mom was walking by while I was adding that tomato sauce or whatever it was into the pot, and I assume in her seeing her young 13 year old son (at the time) finally taking more initiative in feeding himself, said "Look at my son, Marinat-ing in the kitchen"; that's how I remember it at least. I then rushed to Merriam-Webster Dictionary's website double checking the meaning. With that, I then knew I wanted to use Marinate for my music, and my analogy would be for me to bring the flavor to the track. Boom I know, pretty suave if I do say so myself. Anyways Thanks for visiting the site, check out all these nice buttons to see what they do. Feel free to hit some of the social media buttons on the right and keep track of me on some of these platforms. Otherwise I'll be here updating you on what I'm working on, shows, and of course NEW MUSIC. I hope you appreciate what I do, just know I appreciate you.