BHM 2017, The Project

Blessed to have made it into a new year.

I've had a lot on my plate per usual, but I'm managing and I'm still producing more music for my project. I've been calling it a project for awhile because though it's gonna be available for free, though it will also be streaming and available for purchase on all major music platforms, and in my opinion it's not a typical mixtape effort. I've really been pouring an abundance of my energy and soul into the vibe I've been developing, and working with a lot of talented musicians to complete it. I'm proud of the fact it has much flavor worked into it, part of the reason for my artist name Marinate. No set release date yet for the project, I have the title to the project but I'm not ready to reveal that as of yet. I've pulled a lot of all nighter(s) already this year as I'm also a student very dedicated to my studies and engaging in my community, but I'm staying awake now, so I can rest well when I'm gone. I've had the honor to perform and host the Black History Month (BHM) Showcase, and Black History Month (BHM) Gala. I did some spoken word for the Gala, and performed with my band for the Showcase. I hope you enjoy the footage from which can be found here:

Talk to you more in a few. Stay Blessed.

This Photo was taken by the lovely Emma McCann. More of her work can be found here:

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